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There is finally an analyst that will meet you at your marketing level and help you add value to your operation.

Kevin Duling
“After working with KDI, his reports make sense out of the market chaos.” “I feel as though I have a business partner with concerns over my operation. He isn’t trying to put me in a box.” “The amount of information given at such an affordable price makes this program work for me.” “Kevin worked with my banker and my buyer so we could use tools I had never used before.” “Kevin will always be the first to tell you when he’s wrong. His pull for my operation makes him a valuable asset.” “His writing style dumbs the market lingo down to my level so I can understand it.”

As a client of KDI, you will receive the following:

  • Market news as it happens delivered by text, email, and phone.
  • Marketing recommendations up to the minute delivered to you via text, email, and phone.
  • Marketing recommendations based on your specific location and your specific risk tolerance.
  • Weekly reports, text messages, phone calls, and email updates to keep you tuned in to all news affecting your markets.
  • KDI will talk to your grain merchant to help set up tools for your operation. KDI will ask all the questions you are afraid to, helping you get access to better marketing tools.
  • Recommendations on fuel, fertilizer, and other inputs.
  • Grower functions to meet like minded people.

Call or email to receive a free 1 month sample of KDI’s services.

541.980.4554541.980.4554 or kdinvestors@gmail.com

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