KDI is a consulting firm dealing with the marketing of grain. Kevin Duling, manager of KDI, helps clientele on an individual level to achieve financial goals through marketing concepts.

Each region has different grain merchandisers with differing marketing tools available. With that the case, prescribing a set marketing plan cannot work unless it is individualized.

With plans starting as low as 1 cent/bushel/year, it is a good value for growers to have someone watching the markets for them, helping them eliminate risk, and alerting them when decisions need to be made.

KDI’s marketing belief is to 1st, set financial goals; 2nd, eliminate downside risk to achieve those goals, and 3rd, use all the tools available to gain an advantage. KDI also helps with logistics, as some regions have multiple points of port.

KDI believes in networking among growers. Agricultural producers are an impressive, diverse bunch. KDI tries to set up functions to get growers from different regions together. Growers enjoy visiting with other growers to compare problems and successes. When dealing with weather, machinery, governments, and world economics, a humbleness emerges that makes meeting others with similar risks enjoyable.

One of the advantages of KDI is KDI works for the grower, not a commercial company. Whether it is recommending sales, options positions and/or futures positions, KDI will not get a piece of the action. With KDI not being a brokerage, you will never wonder if the recommendation is simply to gain commissions.